Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is my very first experience and post on my new blog!  I have to admit I'm frightened a little about the technical side of running a blog but I feel I have so much to share about life here on Maui.

Wednesday Maui plein aire artists get together at predetermined sites and paint as a group.  Yesterday being Wednesday, the group met up at an old mansion that the family of Henry Baldwin donated to the art society of Hui Noeau.  While my girlfriend and I painted side by side we talked about Henry Baldwin, a first generation decendant of Missionary Dwight Baldwin of Lahaina.  Henry grew up in a very small one story house shared by his family and since it was the only real structure in Lahaina they hosted many dignitaries, sea captains, Kings and Queens, visiting Maui.   Henry went on to establish a prominent sugar company (with Alexander), and creating alot of wealth for he and his family.  Though there were many trials in his life, I just love the story of him overseeing the construction of the Hamakua Ditch, a 17 mile aqueduct.  Baldwin had lost his right arm after getting it stuck in a cane grinder.  Within weeks he learned to write with his left hand and continued playing the organ in church.  He climbed down the steep Maliko gulch (with one arm) when his workers doubted it could be done.  What a tenacious and faithful spirit he had.

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  1. Aloha Ral!! I am so excited for you and your blog, it is beautiful! What a inspiring story and a gorgeous mansion and I am so excited to see life with you on Maui. :)