Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I was referred to Ralph's art blog where he describes his process of using gouache, what it is and how he came to use it http://ralphparker.wordpress.com/gouache-paintings/ , very informative.  Though I found myself swept away on his travel site http://backroadsandbrushes.wordpress.com/.  My husband and I talk of traveling like this someday.  We plan to take Harry's surfboards and my easel and paints and visit every surf spot in USA.   There are those days where Harry is stiff and sore though.  We might have to revise the surfing to Bluegrass festivals but that would be alright.
 My son drops by with a couple of friends for an impromptu lesson

                                                         Harry and my SIL at church
                                                                    'Come Join Us'
                                                         watercolor painting 12 X 16
                                                                        'Guitar Lu'
                                                           12 X 16 original watercolor

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