Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunset on Canoe Beach

I love the late afternoon sun I caught down at Canoe Beach

This is the spot my husband and I married, 1984 
There was no Hale (house) there at that time.  We choose it because my husband 
was an avid canoe paddler.

                              This gives a little variety of color, each color represents a different club.

                                                            The surf is always beautiful

                                                             Kolea,  Pacific Golden Plover

         This was as close as I dared get.  Though not the best shots, I will be able to paint them.  s
Thanks for stopping by, Aloha 


  1. Just gorgeous Ral. I think that that is the most perfect spot to get married. I can't wait to see your painting of the Plover.

  2. Thanks Michelle, yes I plan to do the plover and the Hale with the sun glistening and a few of the canoes in front. I'll probably turn the Hale so 1/3 of the upper left corner will be ocean. Just talking about it right now has me so excited, I think I'll forgo Sunday nap time for it! Thanks again for stopping by, Aloha Ral