Thursday, March 8, 2012

Though we are in the middle of a big storm, yesterday turned out to be such a beautiful day.  The photos do not describe all the action and beauty.  One of my first lessons is photos.  The ones I take with my digital camera, though I know alot of excellent photographers.  My equipment and lack of know how just can't capture what is really there. I took these for references to touch up my  5 X 7 watercolor and 8 X 16 canvas, but I'll have to get on it today before my memory of what I saw leaves me. 

This shows how fast the clouds moved in.  I tried to capture a small section of ocean with the light on the breaking waves, all other corners of my canvas, I wanted muted and clouded over.  I had a hard time transitioning to canvas from my usual watercolor paper.  Watercolor is perfect for moving and fusing the clouds together quickly.  I spent to much time on my sky and then painting everything out again anyway.  This was my second lesson, though I already knew it, I'm not ready to leave my gouache, watercolor style!

This is the scene I choose

                                         I'll be working on this if I ever get off the computer ;P

I met Sue Binkley Tatem, plein aire painting at Hookipa last year.  She and her husband come every year from Colorado.  Sorry for the poor quality copy of her work, but didn't she capture the movement and sunny blues of the morning?

I just got to meet Deb Lynch.  We talked about how many different ocean scenes there were at Hookipa.  I'd like to dedicate one day to doing 3,  north, Middles and southern end.  I'd definitely do it in watercolor for speed as welll as the love of the medium.  Sorry these were shot into the back light and you can't see how impressionistic her water is.  I'm hoping she and I will paint again many times.  She does surf with my husband.  

Here's my dear camera shy, friend Karen Camera.  I love the color she's got going here!  
She is the featured artist as Lahaina Arts Society this month, her
Opening Reception will be this Friday 3/9, 6 -8pm.  
If you are in Lahaina drop in and see her show.    

While I was trying to capture the spray coming off the rocks, some on lookers caught the whales and the turtles surfing.


  1. Just beautiful, all of them! What a treat to be able to do this every day and you are right, one beach can change in so many ways. I think you painting is beautiful, love the colors in the sky.