Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Front Street

My husband and I use to live right here in this building with this view!

Back then the trees were not there which made for even better views!  The surf was still pumping when we went to the restaurant which is in our old bedroom, we didn't tell them that, no one would believe we were so blessed!

 We had a garage sale a few weeks ago, a man from Upcountry bought a kayak from us, but couldn't take it home so he and his wife came back the next day and also brought us these Maui Onions!  I love the giving spirit of Hawaiians, though I know it is not exclusive to Hawaii, this is the way people have survived throughout time.  When the harvest is plentiful, give.  I  felt loved by this generosity and knew I was going to do an onion still life series.  I plan on doing more.  Sorry about the unclear photo.  These both are 7 X 5 

Mak and friend in front of Cold Stone.

   I captured this out my window yesterday, I thought the pink blooms
    looked good against the overcast sky.  I often paint grey skies, I think
 it adds a lot of drama to.                                                                                    

 The sun going down on another wonderful day, here in Lahaina, Aloha

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