Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Home

 My girlfriend asked if I and my daughter would be able to look after her cats while she went on vacation.  She lives an hour away Upcountry. Since daughter Kai goes to school in Makawao we agreed.  Kai doesn't really like cats but she is good about doing her job whatever it is.

I figured it would be a good chance to get out of the heat in Lahaina and I so enjoy the pastoral beauty of  Upcountry.  The first day I rode up with Kai and stayed all day at GF's home painting while Kai was in school.  It was hot and clear.
But the second time we went up it rained.  I just love the light created through mists and the sound of rain dripping off the eaves.
I painted this 8 X 10 from her front steps though had to move into the kitchen when it started raining again.   There is still a couple of things I've got to do before I call this one done.  

Shore Break
5 X 7
 I plan on putting this in Lahaina Banyan Tree Gallery this afternoon.  Praise God, I was able to sell 3 paintings yesterday.

My Son and daughter Mak got to go to the Old Lahaina Luau.  Out of my 4 kids these 2 look the most alike.  God is so good, thank you Lord for my healthy, beautiful kids.         photo credit

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  1. Isn't that pic of them amazing? They're SO beautiful!

    I am in love with your 8x10 Makawao house painting, by the way.