Monday, July 2, 2012

Harry's Birthday Bash

It's Harry's 61 birthday.
Though after hitting the landmark 60, he isn't that excited about 61.  
So I decided to celebrate his 50 years of surfing by posting as many surf related pics as 
I could dig up for the next couple of weeks.

 It was his Mom who encourage Harry to surf, starting at age 11.  They buddy carried his surfboard down to the beach.

There were many weekends Harry and his
friends couldn't get to the beach and they would
practice their surf moves on their skateboards.

or new friend Alfie
 There were no skate parks like there are today, they made do with their neighborhood, newly paved streets and even golf courses at night.  I'm sure lots of work went into repairing the greens.

Mak giving our new park a try this Saturday                               
                       A recent watercolor I did of Harry on his stand up board, titled WhatSUP

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