Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Friends Wedding at the Bailey House

 I had the good fortune of attending another beautiful wedding Saturday afternoon.  My good friend Erin, my prayers go out to the new couple.  They got married at the Bailey House. 
Originally intended as a mission for adults and children,  The mission was turned into the Wailuku Female Seminary, a boarding school that not only taught its students Christianity and academics, but also domestic skills such as sewing and housekeeping.  Edward & Caroline Bailey took over the Seminary in 1844.  Edward was also an artist and these are his paintings of the island back then.  

After funding for the mission stopped Bailey bought the land and started a sugar plantation.
 Later, the house and the Baileys' sugar cane fields became part of the Wailuku Sugar Plantation.  Bailey did not die a rich man, but someone was able to build a beautiful mansion.  I just had to take a few shots of this gorgeous estate!
                                                                    Venus Slipper
                                                                          5 X 7
                                                                      Venus Orchid
                                                                          8 X 10
My recent paintings.  Soon I hope to have a these available as prints, in series of Hawaiian Endemics, orchids and tropical exotics.  I love how these are grouped.  Aloha
image from pinterest

close full =- Amanda
I love the old window hung underneath.

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