Monday, January 14, 2013

One Evening Walk

  One day last week as I was driving into my driveway, I caught the Hen sitting on a students bike looking into the window.

  Don't tell my insurance company I was driving, I still don't have my drivers license.  Over a month wait for a copy of my birth certificate to be sent to me.  I really have only cheated a couple of times to run down to the grocery store.  It takes a lot more planning to go places when one can not just jump into their car.  Another way we have been cheating is by allowing my daughter Mak, who has only her learners permit to drive me.  Come on Mak, take your test and help me out!  This week I plan another paint out Upcountry.  I enjoy painting and being with our group so much that I will hitch a ride up to Karen's house and stay with her.  It only means more painting time for both of us and she truly treats me like a Queen when I stay with her!

I'm finding myself more frustrated with my photography.
 No camera can give a real representation of
the subject, but while on the roof I was surrounded by
the sunset.

This was taken with the zoom, it
portrays the sunset more accurately.
I look forward to getting a nicer camera and photography lessons .  

 I decided to take a walk and caught the sunset reflected in the church window.

  Then I found this very old house, it's so small the owners probably used this area for their kitchen.

Here is the front porch, it looks to me like the wicker chair is fairly new.  The neighborhood is over 60 years old, so the first generation to live here have also grown older and some of them have not been able to keep up with home improvements on their own.  Though I do remember people living here a few years ago, they have moved now.


This lot has a wonderful ocean view!  It will probably sell for a half a million dollars someday.
Maybe the owner lives in a rest home now.

Thanks for sharing my evening walk and climb on my roof, with me.  Everyday the Lord paints a different scene and changes the ordinary into spectacular, Aloha

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  1. I love the church picture! Yay for Mak's license! ;)