Monday, February 13, 2012


I had the hardest time deciding what to do today while driving down to the beach,

My neighbors tree gets brighter every day!

Should I paint the flowering trees, or finish these roses or . . .

                              The morning was cool and quiet and promising a perfect day for a seascape
                       The boat is still stuck on the rocks, Hazmat was called in to remove chemicals
There are so many treasures among  the coral and rocks, I was rewarded with 2 beautiful blues while I hunted for my seaglass before I turned for home to a little bit of housework.   Hopefully later today I'll wrap a new pair of seaglass earrings.  I hope your week has started well. Aloha


  1. Lovely images! I can imagine that it would be hard to decide what to capture when you are surrounded by beauty everywhere.
    Your flowers are so beautiful.
    Happy Valentines Day Ral!
    love ya!

  2. Hey, I recognize that tree in the picture! =) I hope someday it will be returned to its former glory (prior to being trimmed). From the comments I've heard, it seems those bright yellow blooms brought cheer to the whole neighborhood! The Lord is so romantic... He delivers such beauty right on my doorstep! Hugs xoxo ~ Erika

  3. Yes, Erika it's your tree, I thought it would have just kept blooming when I got this shot. When it is in full bloom it almost hurts the eyes, next year maybe.