Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yesterday I worked on a few of my unfinished paintings to sell under the BanyanTree this Saturday.
 An important composition rule would be one center of interest and everything else in the painting is to support the COI.  I know this but often don't do it.
These roses are swimming in the blue background so I tried a few crops to see what would work.

This one is ok but it needs the leaves to ground it, don't you think?

          So I went with this, sorry for the dark photo of it as it is under glass.
   There are some nice elements here but the largest flower is floating above everything.
Here is the crop I decided to go with.                     

 I love these Hawaiian white hibiscus.  The only hibiscus in the whole world found to have a fragrance.  I had tossed this in my pile of bland paintings.  After a second look I added the leaves then went with a background to pop the flower.
Hibiscus arnottianus Koki'o ke'oke'o

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