Friday, February 24, 2012

Yesterdays Finds

Wow, what a find on my favorite seaglass beach!

We've  wanted one of our very own since the Youth Camp this summer.  I have the coolest image in my head of my oldest daughter, (not pictured) jumping up and sliding back over the other side of the kayak.  She was as playful as an otter pup!  I did go back this morning to check on the red kayak and it's chained to the rocks.  It couldn't have survived the high tides without being chained.  I should have noticed yesterday but my hopes were high that it had just drifted in, abandoned and waiting for me!  
I made these yesterday as well as 3 other pairs.
I'll be listing a couple of them at my Etsy Shop,
ARTbyRT.                                                               Mak, my youngest daughter
                                                                                          sporting a pair.

Here's my haul from 2 days visit to the Seaglass Beach.  I rinsed these off this morning.  My studio is in a messy state.  I suppose I'll finish a couple more pairs of earrings today then clean up all the seaglass and wires, etc.  Then I can get back to some more painting.  I'd like to completely redo the fronds on the palms.  This is canvas board 4 X 4 with an under painting done with oil pastel washed with turpentine.  I love, love the smell of turpentine, it brings back so many wonderful memories of learning how to oil paint with my Grandma, years ago.  I painted over it with my gouache.  

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  1. What a great beach and beautiful finds Ral. Your earrings are gorgeous. I actually like the smell of turpentine too. My grandpa used it often to clean his brushes after painting too. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Sorry about the kayak. :(