Friday, March 16, 2012

A couple more paintings

Blue Ginger
5 X 7
I've been blessed to be a mentor to a  High Schooler who chose to study under me as an artist for her Senior Project.  While she is here on Saturdays, instead of becoming totally absorbed in composing a new painting, I go through partially finished paintings and work on those while she paints.  I found this Blue Ginger last week and decided it really didn't need anything but a mat.

       12 X 16
Here's one that had such a glaring problem with such an obvious answer.  This painting portrays early morning shadows, and I felt proud of myself for not 'slavishly' following the reference photo by setting the house on a outcrop.  Without realizing it though, I did  follow the photo which showed the shade down.  Who wants to miss this gorgeous view hiding behind a screen.  The sun is coming up in the east, and the house is facing west.  I need to add more shadows under the lanai and retake photo in a better light.  God willing, it should be matted and ready to go to my next Banyan Tree Art Fair. 

The walking minstrels are two of my daughters returning Dad's guitars.
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