Monday, March 19, 2012

To Hot for Plein Aire Today

In December we replaced the ceiling in the living room and kitchen.  We pushed the majority of our furniture and just stuff into the back room which I use as my studio.  After painting the ceiling and walls, hanging art, putting back furniture, we liked the space so much better without all the 'stuff'.  Last week I finally decided where and what to do with all the extra stuff, and did it.  

I spent so much time in my studio that this morning I  decided to walk a block over and work on a painting of this darling house on the corner.
I took this reference photo months ago.  What I wanted to capture was the darker, shaded cool of the morning contrasted with the sun on the other side.  The trees were to thick to hone in on that particular scene  and the cool of the morning was changing into a warm bright day.  
                       So I went to the sunny side and decided to use the shadow on the right here.

It got hot fast so I packed up and brought home the reference shots to work from in my studio.  The public school kids were also home on spring break, I love the bike helmet dropped on the steps.

My cat loves to inspect the uncluttered surfaces.  Any new throw pillows or chairs, she immediately makes her new bed!  I hope you all have a great productive week.  Thanks for dropping in.

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