Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Good, The Process and Ugly Stage Turned Around

Another Wednesday with the Plein Aire Group, though the Tree Trimmers wanted us to move so they could get to work trimming the trees.  I decided to set up a half mile south.

Many people stopped to watch my good friend paint, though she is camera shy.  Her paintings are always so bright and inviting, and so is she.  Someday I want to feature her work on my blog. We both took artist license on the colors of sky and water as you can see the day was grey.  I used sunscreen anyway as I was set up directly on the beach.  


 This is what I brought home, my palette wasn't large enough to mix a large amount of sand color and the plant and rock outcrop bled so I reworked sand and added a couple of details, as well as took out the middle tire that held up the ama.

Kihei Canoe
5 X 7

                    My husband Harry, playing in the late afternoon light.  I wish I could share the slack key (guitar) he is playing while I am posting this!

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