Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kula Botanical Garden

Our plein aire group went to Kula Botanical Garden to paint yesterday.  I've wanted to get back up there since visiting last December where I took these shots.

There were painters everywhere when I first got there.  I walked up to the top where there was a small waterfall, the sound of the fall was so pleasant and also the smell of Eucalyptus.

Finishing my first painting I found a couple more artist friends, chatted and then went up to the orchid green house.  Here's Anna working on her watercolor and I thought she matched these incredible corkscrew anthuriums perfectly.  She went to the restroom while I was painting and I decided it was easier not to paint her in anyway.

I was unable to really portray the intricacies of the orchids and anthuriums but caught the interesting shadows instead.  When Anna and I finished we remembered everyone was going to meet at a different location for lunch.  I had decided earlier that I would forgo lunch and instead visit my favorite Kula Country Farm.  They were setting up an Easter Egg hunt in the strawberry patch.  While I clicked this photo the Sales Gal, called out that warm fresh cinnamon rolls had just been delivered.  I went in and found this wonderful 'sales person' had her art displayed for sale in this wonderful little roadside stand.  A triple blessing for me, fresh strawberries, cinnamon roll and a visit with a new artist friend.  I told her to join our plein aire group but she has it made right where she is!  Though this is over an hour away from Lahaina, I must return soon.
I found my other 2 friends pulled into a parking lot painting the Jacaranda trees.  I shot a few reference photos to share here.  I love the scenic Upcountry houses, pastures and vistas.  What a terrific day, I can't wait to return again soon.

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