Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drive Around Island

This is my annual adventure with my daughter on Easter Break.  She's a Senior this year, my last one in high school, with great plans of college in Wisconsin this fall.  

 We hiked into a bamboo jungle

And crossed this

to find this pretty pool to swim in

then it started to rain and we were mesmerized by the rain squalls 

As well as the tree tunnels, foliage, gardens, and 1000's more views 

There was more rain and water in the falls than I have seen in years.  
A lot of the trees and plants were knocked down as well.

                  I let Mak take over the wheel here

This is one of the most beautiful shots of the day.

After my late afternoon coffee I had Mak pull over, it was here Santana's "A little bit of this, a little bit of that' blasts from the car radio, I revert back to the young Ral and had a full on dance.  Mak says, "get in, let's go".  "Not until the songs over," a car passes us right then, I flash a huge smile at them, they understand!

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