Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finished paintings

Yesterday I was going to join the plein air painters of Maui for a wonderful paint out Upcountry.  Though my husband loving reminded me, I had a lot going on in the studio as it was.  I'm glad he refocused me and I was able to finish Jesse's wedding painting.  I'm please with how it turned out
I titled it "Jeep Tread at Windmills"
8 X 10

Here is the plein aire sketch
 (finished in my studio)
5 X 7  
I'll list this on my etsy store 

I experimented with harmonious colors and did this little 5 X 7 and found I had to darked the background to make the flowers pop.

More of the Hawaiian endemic
Koki o kea, I just cropped and
turned this.  I'm not sure what I
will do with the painting yet.

5 X 7
                                                          I call this one "When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint!"  5 X 7

                                               I hope you enjoy my Maui adventures in watercolor.  I'll see you next week
                                                                              A hui hou


  1. Aloha Ral! These are beautiful! I hope you are well, it looks like you are busy. I love the "When life gives you lemons, paint" that is so perfect!

  2. Michelle, Often I like a little humor when naming my paintings! You are such a faithful follower, thanks.