Monday, May 14, 2012

What has come off the easel and what I hope to produce next!

7 X 10 (sold)

7 X 10

5 X 7
Back Splash
12 X 18

I have been through some extreme weight lost and gain since being diagnosed with a hyperthyroid.  Time to get rid of the excuses and get off that couch and out from behind the wheel of the car.  Walking in Lahaina is so easy and has turned my attention to    the incredible landscapes.  I love the moody clouds with the land lit by the slanted rays of late afternoon.
The afternoon I walked past this house reminded me to start another series of  'The old cane house'.  A painting can transform the closeness of the neighboring houses and those not to exciting fences.  Putting the focus on the shadows reflected on the house and how about some bright bougainvilla!
The gardener has made use of every inch of dirt!

The lighting here is mid day .  Did you see the
size of the banana flower?


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