Monday, May 21, 2012

Mixed Emotions

My husband got to perform the wedding for this gorgeous couple.  We've known the groom since he was a  little boy, as he is one of my son's best friends since third grade.  And he is also my Son's girlfriend's cousin.  Things like this are not uncommon here on our small Island.

My Son and daughter Mak

 The photographers are daughter Mak and Son's girlfriend.  Son and girlfriend are definitely looking forward to when they can wed.  I definitely have mixed feelings about that as they are so young.   Isn't she beautiful though.

I painted this 5 X 7 of Husband last week
I will be doing more surf paintings, God Willing
Handsome guy!

Another busy weekend next, with Mak's graduation.  This is another reason I titled this post "mixed feelings".  My last one to finish high school and she plans to go far away to college.  Pray for our family as we get ready for graduation and her big move, Mahalo Ral

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