Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Night's Extreme Sunset

An incredible show!

Our youth campers and especially camp leaders were having so much fun they extended camp an extra night.  I joined them the final day for a breakfast of french toast made from the bread they'd  prepared from scratch the day before.  I had tried to hang in for the fresh out of the oven the night before, but gave up and retreated to my own space.  I helped clean and spent my whole day at home (we live in the Pastorage behind the church buildings) and this is how I was rewarded! 

I put this into a paint visualizer program and I have to admit  I was so disappointed!  Perhaps
because  the company that put the visualizer together was only showing the colors they had paint available for. I suppose there isn't a call for hot pink and gold burst orange in regular house paint.

10 X 8
 I found this painting while organizing my studio the other day.  I was never happy with the foreground and worked on a new painting with another kiawe tree fail.  Frustrated, I propped up the second one in front, visually cutting off the bottom.  It dawn on me then what I needed to do!  I cropped it to a 10 X 8
I think I'll frame it and put up for sale at The Banyan Tree Gallery.

                              Thank you Lord for an excellent day and the blessings of living here.

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