Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Youth Camp and a Refreshing Morning Break

 Harry and I took our SUP boards down to canoe
beach yesterday morning.  I meant to take my camera but forgot.  There in the surge, close to shore where two huge turtles surfing.  I watched for a while when a family with a teen girl came down.  When she spotted the turtles in the water, she shrieked with joy, excitedly pointing them out to her Mom, Dad and brother.  Dad got his camera and started video them standing in the water, one almost bumped into his legs.  As we put our boards in the water, the Dad started talking to Harry and we learned they were from Poland.  They had no idea they would be able to experience Maui's sea life so closely!

 It is hot these days, the cat is sprawled out cooling her tummy while napping.

There's a teen camp going on in our front yard.  I hope we will get a chance to SUP again this morning.  I love this Youth Group but it is good to take a break, cool off and listen to the water lapping against the boards as we paddle.

Mak leaves for college in three weeks, I plan on burying myself in painting and returning to selling my art under the Banyan Tree after she's gone.  
I hope some of you will be able to come visit me under the Tree and at Lahaina Courthouse Gallery. 

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