Friday, August 17, 2012

A Few More Paintings

I understand that many people are enjoying the last days of summer.  Here on Maui it's starting off pretty warm.  The funny part of this statement was I went on line to see exactly what the temperture was, 75 degrees, I wish!  It also said thunderstorms are expected, Wow!  I love thunderstorms but right now it looks like our typical sunny day.

 E kipa mai hou
8 X 10
I started this one last week and had to work on the sky.

                                                    8 X 16 gouache on gallery wrap canvas
 I reworked this one I started last December, it's one of my first on canvas.  This one is for sale

I love the rays on either side of the peak.  I wish I had pulled over and earlier when I first saw it.  I took this from the wheel when traffic slowed.  

My teenagers like purity rings and Mak had engraved for a friend,1 Timothy 4:12 on the outside and true love waits on the inside.  This new believer was glad to learn that premarital sex is not God's plan for his life.  He  is going into training to become a fireman.  Mak my daughter is leaving for college in 6 days.  They are not bound by any physical relationship and are free to pursue their dreams. 

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