Monday, August 6, 2012


Io nestled under a fig tree

 I love visiting the Lavender Farm
4000 ft. up Haleakala.  One of Io's and my friend
recently married and we took them up
to enjoy a day in the garden.

We took this for a photo contest representing 'Overgrown'.
I don't know if it got entered in time but it should be a winner.

We found this interesting 'planter' in front of a residence.  All day I was reminded how much I needed to tweek my own garden with extra planters and arrangement.
We got up to Haleakala summit a little before sunset so I walked into the Crater.  I didn't get any photos but the peaceful vastness of the Crater is burned into my memory.  I must go back in soon!

.   I didn't think the sunset was so spectacular due to the clouds.  Our friends got lots of photos of the night sky before the beautiful moonrise.

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