Friday, August 3, 2012

Mike Neal

Today, I'd like to introduce Mike Neal.  Not only is he a photographer but also a beautiful wood worker.  A couple years back, during my volunteer time at Lahaina Arts Society, where the Annual Maui Photo Show was displayed, one of Mike's pieces sold.  I called and told him I sold his beautifully framed piece but in truth the piece sold itself.  

I love these frames, he has fashioned them
out of our local Koa wood.
This month August moon going down.  A beautiful shot from Upcountry!

I and some friends have plans to go up to Haleakala
to watch sunset tonight.  I've been wanting to do a
little hiking so we go up early.  It will be good to
be out of Lahaina's summer weather.

I love these surf shots!  Incredible timing (for the photographer, not the
Gorgeous, gorgeous wood working!  I believe these are both curly koa.

Thanks Mike for letting me share you exquisite photos and woodwork. Mike is on and

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  1. Great choice of artist to feature! (though I am a little biased) Aloha!