Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hana Plein Aire part II

Venus Pools, what a beauty.  This particular day was not real sunny.  A few years ago someone published a book on hiking to different waterfalls.  Most falls are located by crossing private land.  Not very many landowners cared until someone got sued after a flash flood came.  It's to risky for them to allow trespassers so we are so much more limited on what falls we can visit.  

Here is a sunnier day though lots of debris had been washed down the river.  I have painted plein aire here with my girlfriend who uses acrylic and needs an easel.  That makes a lot more equipment to carry.

I visted these falls with my kids, we had so much fun!  The water was shimmering and reflecting on the underside of the trees and bushes.  I tried to capture it with traditional watercolor methods but I am not happy with the results.  I hope to focus on waterfalls this visit, weather permitting. 

There is so much water!  What a wonderful wet place!
I'm excited to see what this adventure will bring.


  1. Well, I like your waterfall. Seriously, I can see the movement and the light reflecting off the water. Nice work!