Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hana September 2012 part 1

I have the privilege of belonging to a wonderful and very diverse group of plein aire painters.   Before I joined them they had come up with an annual Hana paint out, every September.  Though I find I have a hard time hanging in for the whole 5 day event, there is nothing more beneficial for an artist then to be able to completely immerse themselves in their art, morning, noon and night.  As well as the association with fellow artists.  Since we have so many visitors to Maui, we get artists from all over, including Lanai, Oahu, California and Colorado, as well as pastel, oil painters, acrylic and watercolorist!

 Koki Beach  
I have done this particular scene so many times. 
The weather dictates where I'll be painting so I
am unsure what areas I'll work on this trip.
Alua Island11 X 14
off of Koki Beach

I love the early morning on Hana Highway, and the way the
clouds are reflected on the ocean.  It is a hard scene to
do plein aire due to the bright sun. 
Harry use to surf here often and we've camped here and gone up the river in canoes and floaties.
Truly one of the most picturesque surf spots in the world.
 Hamoa Beach one of the most famous beaches!  You can see my artist friend Karen Camera's
hand.  She sold this painting right off the easel.

16 X 12
This is one of my traditional watercolors.  I hung this 
in the Gallery for a while and listening to the comments
of the public I realized they didn't quite understand it.  
It isn't well executed either. This is the one lane road 
leaving Seven Pools toward Kaupo.  A very remote 
and rugged place.  There are times I wish I could live 
in that area.  One time about three years ago my kids 
and I, and one of  their boyfriends, took 2 cars and 
drove around the whole East Side.  We got to 
Kaupo Church after the sun had set and the 
moon rose behind us.  The huge moon and our 
headlights were the only lights for miles.  When we 
neared Ulupalakua taking a curve in the road all the 
lights of Central Maui greeted us. I thought that 
would be a perfect place to live, right before the curve, 
in the dark solitude.

Kaupo Church
12 X 16

I chuckle out loud at the progression of this post, first I am excitedly relating a group activity.  One I thoroughly enjoy and am definitely looking forward to.  Then after visiting these places in photo, I share my love of  the isolation and ruggedness of the Backside of Maui.  I think that's why I would have to be on the turn, right on the edge of civilization so I could go back and forth as my moods dictated.
I am going to continue this post soon, so please come back as I share more, Aloha.


  1. Your landscapes are simply stunning. :D I love them!

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  3. Hi Raleigh, I'm really enjoying your blog, the photos and your paintings. Especially the photo of Manawainui gulch on the backside. One of my favorite places. I've ridden my horse through there many times back in the day! Trying to get the hang of this blogging thing. Just posting a comment seems to be a daunting task!!
    Aloha, Michelle

  4. Manawainui gulch, I never knew the name, thanks for commenting, you did well!