Monday, October 1, 2012


Waikamoi Bridge
10 X 8
Waikamoi plein air 12 X 6

I did this plein air as I started out on my exciting adventure to Hana.  I know this has pretty much been all I've talked about!  Then I used the plein aire painting to paint from in my studio.  I find every time I repaint a scene, even if I try to do it exactly, I will lose some of the better elements.  I felt the plein air values were confusing making the subject less distinguishable.  Another problem I had here was I am completely out of watercolor paper so I repainted on top of another loser painting and I lost the crisp bright white underneath.  I am happy with this even so.  I've spent a lot of time last week, working on the paintings I brought back from Hana and feel they are all they are going to be.  I wonder who I can inspire to travel to Hana Highway so we can paint more bridges?

Sorry for the tilted horizon, a definite no no, but I love the sun on these 2, my Son and his Gal.

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