Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Michelle from Emerald Cove

I've started a new section here at ARTbyRT blog to highlight other artists work places/studios.  Today I would like to introduce Michelle from emeraldcovejewelry.blogspot.com.  I was one of the biggest World Wide Web's lurkers.  I love to visit different home decorating and architectural design sites silently, not offering any opinions or comments, until  one post Michelle mentioned having an area in her home where a nice painting would fit nicely.  I contacted her and offered her one of my paintings in exchange for her promoting my Etsy store.  She graciously accepted, and she has had a plug for my store ever since.  Over the course of time she revealed to me a desire to get back to painting.  She found some refresher courses on the internet  and off she went, painting beautiful paintings.   

She was able to convert this space in her attic and designed this studio area.

I admire how neat she keeps it!  And the pretty beach scenes she produces.

I love seeing the natural beauty where she lives.

Even has some pretty good surf, incredible place.

Thanks Michelle for sharing your studio and inspiration.

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  1. Hi Ral...can't believe you live in Maui. That's one of our very favorite places ever. Your friend is really talented. It was a good thing she dusted off those brushes wow.

    To answer your question...we were hiking the Cascade Mountains in WA. Mount Baker was close and the trail was called the Chain Lakes.