Friday, November 23, 2012

Debra B Special Thanksgiving


Debra B's Special Thanksgiving 

On this day of thanksgiving, I would like to write a little about the blessings that the amazing Lord God has recently given to me.   This experience has led to my painting, “Pepe Le Putois”.  Going back to 1994 while working in a large accounting firm in Denver Colorado, the doctors discovered I had a brain tumor, I praise God the doctor used an MRI as this was the only way to be able to tell if there was indeed a brain tumor.  At this time, my Dad started putting me on many prayer chains, people all over the world were praying for my health and for skill and wisdom of the medical staff,  this is how I know I survived.

I awoke from the surgery legally blind.  Though many would be devastated by this, I praise the Lord.  HE allowed me enough vision to still read print, do photography and especially paint.   The best way to describe how I see would be as if I were looking through a tiny opening of a straw.  I would have to see with the Lord God’s powerful grace.

After 16 years life experiences, I ended up back in Kansas.  However, the rural area I was in, was far from the specialized health care that I need, and the travel to Wichita and Kansas City was very difficult.  During this time, I joined a painter’s forum on line at Wet Canvas @, began painting watercolors and gouache.  I am so thrilled that the Lord allowed me to see well enough to paint!  It is through art and sharing the Lord that I was able to overcome the negative thoughts of my circumstances.  And through this sharing, I meet Jan and Ral.  Jan lives in Colorado Springs and has experienced a lot of the same miracles in her own life.  I talked to Jan about my desire to return to Colorado Springs, and that I had lived there 20 years ago.  This was May, 2012.  

Grey Crested Crane Uganda National Bird
 Malachite Kingfisher
June 5, 2012, Jan sent me an email of a condominium she had found for sale in South Colorado Springs, she even put together a slide show of it for me.  My heart spoke to me when I saw it, and I claimed it in my heart, soul, and mind.  June 26, Jan, the Realtor and I viewed the condo in person.  It was also the day the horrific fire had started in Waldo Canyon.  This was not to thwart God’s plan though, HE worked out the financing, another miracle, and I moved in August 27.  I truly believe that God was holding this condo for me and I thank God, HE allowed me to meet Jan and use her in my life!  I felt like I was in an amazing whirlwind of God’s power.  And I thought surviving brain cancer was incredible!

My new studio area in my beautiful condo, Colorado!
A dream come true  

In September I experienced another miracle of God, HIS preserving grace.  As I stepped outside in the early morning to dump my trash in the dumpster, I was hit with the smell that was like 10 skunks, very strong!  This walkway was well lit and as I near the dumpster, I heard “drop it! drop it!  Move back inside!”  “There is a bear on the otherside”.  I yelled back a very loud thank you, for the warning.  This was enough to scare the bear and he ran away.  Warning signs are still up on the dumpster today.  There has even been a bear found in there since, even though these are supposedly ‘bear proof’ dumpsters!  I used this experience by painting my humourous painting, “Pepe Le Putois”.  It was in the telling of this story with Ral, that she encouraged me to post here, along with God’s mercy, power and grace.  I pray this post will give hope to others.  I pray you will thank the Lord for your blessings, small or large.

Pepe Le Putois

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