Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drizzling Rain and Bows

I hope you can see the rain drops.  What an incredible time I had visiting my special painting buddy, Karen.  She is a very gracious hostess and giving friend.  I cherish our friendship.  I went Upcountry later afternoon to spend the night at her house so we could get an early start, driving to Keanae, to join our painting group.  I have never seen as many rainbows, (and here in Hawaii we see alot) as we saw this adventure.

This photo was taken on the ride back home, my camera was unable to get it but there is a rainbow in the rain squall over the ocean through the trees.  It rained on the drive going to and coming back but was sunny and nice while we painted.

We took many reference photos of the Cane Houses in 
this special lighting.  I'll just show a couple, as well as this wonderful old garage.

This is Keanae, the surf is always pounding against the craggy rocks.    

I have painted a lot of seascapes these last months. I joined the group and did a couple of quick sketches of the splashing waves but my heart was set on waterfalls, old bridges and collecting a particular ginger for a botanical diptych.  Since I rode in with Karen, I hiked out of  Keanae to seek out these scenes.  I hope to have some nice art work to share soon.  We are getting closer to our Wedding (it really is my daughters but I am enjoying helping with the plans) and of course, we love to host Thanksgiving.  I can picture myself Thanksgiving Day, sitting in a pile of wadded up paper towels,  used  to blot the excess paint and water from my brush, with several half finished paintings drying on the kitchen table.  Cleaning and cooking are art forms but I love to paint!  I need to ask the Lord to help me balance my time, Aloha and thank you for traveling Maui's roads today.

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