Thursday, December 6, 2012

Green Houses in the Country

 Done from a reference photo I took up in Pukalani during a wonderful sunset.  This could be a sketch for a larger painting, anyone interested?  contact me

Pukalani Set
5 X 7

Perry Studio and Garden
5 X 7
After adding this I realized I can't live with the back portion of the deck railing out of perspective, so I will put that back on the easel.  It shouldn't be to hard to fix.

I've found myself painted into a corner, so to speak.  To renew a driver's license in Hawaii now, one must have a birth certificate and if you've changed your name, a marriage license to prove your name change.  I should have realized my license was going to expire this year and gotten those documents.  As it was I was boarding an airplane from Honolulu to Maui, funny it wasn't notice Maui to Honolulu earlier that morning,  when the security agent asked for extra ID as my license was expired.  Praise God, I did get through and back home.  It looks like am going to need to be chauffeured around this month.  What a privilege it is to drive.  Instead of joining the plein air painting group (can't drive) I hope  to complete a couple of unfinished projects.  By projects I do mean  watercolors, I love reading all those blogs where the Gals DIY and paint vintage furniture and add old doors and windows as part of their decor.  And I could really use a remodel on my bathroom which I do have planned soon. But I love to paint pictures and besides the bathroom will take additional funds which we haven't budgeted this month due to our wonderful Wedding Tea Party which has all of us "Timmins" girls excited.  The Timmins girls are one by one, getting new names, maybe the next Wedding we have will be my son's?  With Kai's wedding the 28th and Natalie returning from college the 18th, I don't know how much plein aire painting I'd be able to do anyway.   

Kai's Birthday

What a cat, she found a snug spot in our Balderdash game box.  We should have put it away right last night!

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