Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hawaii, Who Needs a Christmas Tree?

                 "The forgotten garden" is that the title of the kids movie.  Of course that movie is really about the cousins and the sad tragedies of life.  Oh, I remember the movie was called "The Secret Garden".  There's nothing secret about our Hawaiin Gardens, they just get out of control and continue to grow in a profusion of color.  This reminds me of my Grandma, she loved deep purple blooms!

Last night's Sunset was another spectacular display of God's handywork!

                                                                     'Alaalula Falls'
                                                                           10 X 8
I'm happy with this one, it is second in my series of the Bridges on Hana Highway, here is the first
                                                                     'Waikamoi Bridge'
                                                                             10 X 8

      This was started in Keanae looking out towards 'Honomanu Bay', 7 X 5
I listed it here because it's along the Hana Highway, like my bridges

       Our Christmas tradition has always been the children insisting on getting a Christmas tree and me adamantly against it.  Their Dad caves a few days before Christmas and they find a tree Charlie Brown wouldn't even like!  I understand why people who go through dreary winters, decorate their houses for Christmas.  And I admire all those who can decorate for each season.  Personally, I live in a small cottage without a lot of square footage.  There are so many trees and plants in bloom all year around,  this year I am enjoying having my easel out instead of a Christmas Tree or any decorations at all.  Kai is getting married 3 days after Christmas, she is busy with all those details and getting a new apartment ready for the new couple to move into.  Mak is due home in 6 days, I think she'll be so happy to be back in the sunshine and just being around us that she won't even care this year.   At least, that's what I'm hoping for anyway;P

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