Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Country, Surf and Painting

 My husband took me to Haiku, to a beautiful garden to play with his musician friends.  They played and I wandered the nursery and painted.                                                                                          
"Garden Seat"
5 X 7

They had the cutest succulent "Pots", when I came home I planted some in my girls childhood tea kettle.

We drove down to the North shore which was getting a nice swell.  I love the shadow on the water from the land, though it is not easy to see in these photos.

Yes, this there were 2 guys hang gliding along the cliffs, crazy, I never did see them come down, but found others on the ground waiting for them.

I started this from the photos I took of Shark Pit then took my sketch down to Front Street and joined my girlfriend.  We called it paintin' the town!

                                                                       "Ohia and O`o"
I'm imitating Chinoiserie using Hawaiian subjects, very exotic don't you think?  Aloha


  1. I'm following this blog. I thought I was following your other one, and you haven't been on my blog roll in a while. I love your take on Chinoiserie with a Hawaiian twist. LOVELY! And your other paintings are lovely, too

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me the links. I haven't listened to all the songs yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance.

    I'm so odd when it comes to music.....I have odd taste!


  2. I have a very electic collection of music, it's fun. Yes, I know which blog your talking about with photos of the latest lave flow! It isn't mine though I love to visit. Thanks re my Chinoiserie, I don't have another planned out yet, but I like the style:)