Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Week

 I was able to return to the Banyan Tree and set up my art Saturday.  I was busy talking with people most of the day but as the late afternoon came I pulled out a few of my unfinished paintings and finish them.  I wish I had taken a before image of this.  I started it in September during our Hana paint out week.  There are so many flowers and fruits, we sat on our porch and painted for hours.

 Another small painting I finished after starting it on the Hana Bridge
 while waiting for my plein aire girlfriend to finish her painting and come pick me up. 
 I think I'll give this to my brother because he always thought he would like to scale the ridge.

 My girlfriend Che,  I meet her while working at Lahaina Art Society. 
  Returning from a visit 'home' and fell, bumped her eye and developed
 a very serious infection around the tissue of her eye, probably staph. 
 I'll be riding a bus to the Otherside to visit her in the hospital.  
Please pray for complete healing with no more complications, 
Thank you.  

 I was just starting another small 5 X 7 
when this bird decided to pester me! 

                             I'm the young chick on the left

I posted this last week and after publishing thought
I should have included a recording  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDRY0CmcYNU
of these extinct bird calls.  It is believed that Hurrican Iniki
could have whipped out the last 2 known O`o a`a`  (dwarf O`o).

Thank you for visiting, Ral


  1. I've got to give you some of her fresh eggs! They are far from what you find in a grocery store:)