Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gentle Rain

 I was very glad to see the overcast skies come back.  We got a gentle rain Friday & Saturday.  And overcast skies Monday and Tuesday morning.  
 I know this weather can be a disappointment to our tourists.  Though art sells well when they don't feel like being on the beach.  The afternoons have been clearing with lots of sun, and great sunsets.

When I photograph my art, I use the bright, morning light coming from the eastern windows.  The grey skies this morning didn't facilitate that.  I am also not sure if I am done with this one?  Feel free to comment and make any suggestions.

 As my paper supply was getting low, I went back through
my old paintings to see if there was any salvage in the pile.
I wish I had taken a before shot.  It was all blue, waves,
sky and even the building.  A fresh eye often helps.

I brought these blooms in to restart some roots.  I was pleased
when they sent out new buds the next day.  I had  also
found these glasses, still in the box,  tucked into the back of a cupboard from years ago.  They have real thick glass and I loved painting them, as well as needing some new glasses.

I am the featured artist at MAD this week, (Maui Art Directory)

Thanks for stopping by, Aloha

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