Monday, March 18, 2013

Deb Lynch Demo

Thursday I was blessed to watch Deb Lynch give a late afternoon painting demo.
I couldn't help but to tease her about her Columbo inspired coat!  She explained she wears neutral colors so they don't bounce onto her canvas.  

She stressed the importance of not following a photo as there is always a color discrepancy.  I knew I could remember the colors, which are absolutely beautiful.  The next day I worked from my previous images as well as photo reference.  I find the camera distorts perspective as well, 
though I was happy to capture this latest painting, 
"Baldwin Beach" 2013
8 X 10

Baldwin Beach 2012
5 X 7 
Baldwin Kiawe
5 X 7

The clouds were hanging on the West Maui Mountains so pretty, I took this through the window of a moving car, driving home.  My mind is in a whirl of possible paintings for this coming week.

Sunset reflected on my husbands car,
his mind is in a whirl of all the surf predicted! :)

Have a productive week, Aloha Ral

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  1. Oh just gorgeous!!!!
    Love those colours and the inviting waters!
    Thanks for your visit!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo