Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Week here on Maui

I participated at another Art Fair under the Banyan Tree last Friday.  There were not many people who came by and I didn't sell anything but came away with a terrific compliment from one man who said you could really see the love in my paintings.
Ohelo ai

I sold this one in the Gallery yesterday.   I need to revisit the mountain for some more inspiration of the high elevation plants and birds.


10 X 8

I'm not sure what to name my most recent bird painting, any suggestions?

Our by pass road was finally opened this week.   My husband says it was in the planning stages for 40 years, I say only 30.  It is probably 2 miles long, hmmm progress on the island of Maui.

                  My daughter Kai, hamming it up by pretending to be the first accident victim.

Have a great week, Aloha Ral

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