Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pineapples and Pests

I've been working at adding birds with my florals for a peaceful, chinoiserie, feel.  At the same time my own chicken brought on a plaque of mites which had me washing, scrubbing and spraying lol:  Today, I'm trying to conjure that peaceful feeling in my paintings, knowing what birds carry.  More reason just to buy the painting, forget owning the bird.  My chicken is so worth it though!

 I had a lovely walk down at this beach yesterday.  So many lovely scenes, though our sky is not completely clear.  The VOG is present and every afternoon it becomes overcast.  I enjoy those moody skies though maybe the tourists don't.  It is still warm and the swimming and beachcombing are wonderful.
Can you see the hermit crab in the periwinkle's 
shell?  With his tiny little antenea.  I made up that word, duh!  I get a kick out of what they find for their homes!

How about this beauty!  I never realized each hexagon was really it's own fruit.  I showed my SIL and he told me "my pineapple theology was off".  I had explained earlier that pineapples were started by replanting the tops to start new ones.  As demonstrated here in my own garden.  His responded with "after the flood, how could everyone remember to bring back their tops, so Noah could regenerate more plants?"   I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we are both 'off our rockers'!

There is so much scripture in the Bible telling us about the events we are experiencing in our world today.
I hope if you have questions, you find men or women that know the Bible to share with you.  You can also email me as well.  I, or my husband, Pastor Harry, would love to share scriptures to help you, Aloha Ral

Praise ye the LORD, O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
Psalm 106:1

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