Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lahaina Roadstead

Early Thursday morning, on my way out of town, I stopped to catch some shots of our new huge south swell!  I love the mist coming off the breaking waves.

 The swell got bigger the next day and three boats were lost.  This is late afternoon, Friday.
 I like the look of this daunting wave with the late afternoon sun shining behind it.
 Here is the second boat, turned over.  It is such a waste and sad for the boat owners but everyone knew the swell was coming.  I have a friend who has lived on his boat out in the Roadstead for years.  They have good comradery and watch over each others boats.  Contact the owners when boats go a drift.  He has never lost his boat because he checks his mooring lines and stays a board when storms and swells come through.  
 My camera did not catch the exact color of the water or action.  I hope the swell holds up until Monday morning until I can get a few hours in the morning to plein aire paint!

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