Friday, May 24, 2013

End of the Road or Beginning?

I couldn't resist driving to the end of the road after my Bible study yesterday!  What an idyllic homestead. 
Every time I come up to this area, I am reminded of the farming community  were we visited family, when  I was a little girl.   Except there was not the incredible ocean view.

Looking through these photos this morning,
I wondered why I took a picture of a truck?

The Jacarandas are still in bloom.  I especially liked them against the blue sky yesterday.

Last Friday as I was snoozing a little later in the morning then usual, I had a dream that I was helping at the school and things just kept coming up, preventing me from me from getting down to the ocean.  I looked out the class room door (in my dream) and it was starting to get dark!  When I awoke I jumped up and got going.  I painted this while under a tree in the cool of the day.

                                                                            5 X 7
                                                                         8 X 10
The consensus in the family is there isn't much of a center of interest, especially in the second one, which I worked in the studio using the plein aire as a reference.  I like them both and art is very subjective. I was in the middle of another small plein air, where I honed in on the waves and when it was time to add the surfers, they both had paddled in.  Another swell is predicted to hit in a few days, so I will get another chance with the surfers.  I want it to be Son and Husband, as they had such a great time searching and riding the waves together this week.

Thanks for stopping by, Aloha Ral

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