Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scenes of Inspiration from Maui

We have just as many troubles and trials as everyone else in the world though when I blog I want it to be a place of respite and rest.  Where one can take a few minutes and refresh themselves with the beauty the LORD has given us. 
 A stand of trees, see the gate down at the bottom of the hill.  This is a country driveway, pretty nice!
Here is a small painting I did of the Jacarandas it's sold. 

My cat among the flowers in my garden.  She was my first cat in a long time, I inherited her from my son when he moved out.  She was sweet, like most cats she loved to share the adventures of the gardens just as if she owned and cultivated it.

I used her for my button which I don't know how to place on any other blog sites but I tried.  She's called "Popoki Under the Koki", (cat under the Hawaiian hibiscus).

 This is one of the beaches I find lots of treasures on, as well as inspiration.  The sand comes and goes at different seasons.

Beach House
16 X 12
16 X 12
Old Haunt
11 X 14

I love seaglass and shells and hunting for those special treasures along the shore. 
 I still make seaglass earrings.  

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