Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Day Upcountry

Another Day Upcountry
Can you see the Jacaranda tree?  Unfortunately, this photo does not accurately depict the clouds reflected on the ocean in the background. 
Ahh, what an occupation!  Can you imagine studying these views all day!

 Here is a better ocean shot, this is where I painted from.  I need to work on my painting a little bit more in the studio.

The couple who own and landscaped this property are true artists.   We so enjoyed their years of work.

Can you see my paint brushes 
tucked into my hair, I didn't want 
them to roll off the deck:)

This was a commissioned piece, I don't often
do dogs but this was fun.  The owner really likes
lavendars and blue color.

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  1. What a sweet painting! I love the landscape so pretty!