Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Color, Color, Everywhere

It's my brother's birthday today!  The Lord saved his soul 19 years ago, my husband and daughter, and Dave's wife, gave their lives shortly after.  It took me a few more months of watching before I trusted.  I thank God he gave me my brothers, I have 3, Dave is very special to me!

This is not my brother Dave but another couple we meet at church, visitors.  We had a lot of fun  singing together.  And this late afternoon, eating and walking the beach.

She does not like her picture taken but what a terrific beach and they are a gorgeous couple too!
                                                            My handsome husband

 This is a shower tree at the neighbors, isn't it pretty!   My brother Dave was taken by it.  I am planning on painting a relief mural on his granddaughter's bedroom wall.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to explore "a new to me", area of art.  I hope to translate a few of my watercolors into stencils and eventually paint a fresco.  The Lord willing.  Aloha Ral

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