Thursday, September 5, 2013


 I just got a comment from a faithful blog follower who says "It is almost as if you have the Midas touch. Everything is lovely."   I enjoyed that comment and smiled big.  She did say it is almost:) but I need to be honest, while sharing this fabulous place called Hawaii, remember I crop a lot of my neighbors properties out of them.  As well as the junk in my own backyard, and my Son's car that has been parked for along time, etc.  Though I do have the most incredible views when I look up.  A good spiritual analogy for sure.

 This is a triple bow!  I felt like falling on my knees, knowing God has blessed me above and beyond anything I could imagine!

I do make alot of silly mistakes, like deleting my only photos (except this one) I took of my Australorp hen that turned into a rooster.  He just keep growing prettier, and prettier everyday.  To tame (her), I hand fed him for 2 months.  This bird didn't require the same amount of attention Henrietta my Rhode Island Red does.

I tried not to bring up politics on my blog, or to many family problems but my husband is experiencing some health challenges.  I can't tell you exactly what they are as every time he goes in for a better scan, the medical staff tells him something different.  We both rest knowing who holds tomorrow in HIS HAND.

 This was the incredible view of Molokai yesterday, I can see the island from my window and when I noticed it was so crystal clear I walked to a ball park 2 blocks away.

I am also very excited, looking forward to another week in Hana, with the plein air group.  
'Crepe Ginger'
diptych each image 10 X 8

I hope to bring back more botanical studies and the incredible waves crashing against the rocks.  I captured 'Waianapanapa Sunrise' a couple of years ago from the lanai of our cabin.  It was one of my first successful attempts with gouache.  There were quite a few I haven't shared.  This one is also 10 X 8 each, framed in Koa wood.  I am planning on hanging it in my new Gallery RonL Designs at the Tropical Plantation.

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13

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  1. Oh your pretty rooster made me laugh. :)Get well wishes for your husband.