Friday, August 30, 2013

Sharing My Latest Projects

“How should an artist begin to do his work as an artist? I would insist that he begin his work as an artist by setting out to make a work of art.” 
― Francis A. SchaefferArt & the Bible

When I first started painting, I was a traditional watercolor artist.  I wanted to master watercolors, so for quite a few years that was the only medium I worked in.  Then moving into plein air, I started working with gouache.  I have to insert here that I couldn't resist the beauty of seaglass and the allure of walking the beaches in search of it, so I learned how to wire wrap the glass.

I oftened joked with my husband when leaving the house, that I was on my way to the office.
Oh, what an office it is!

Lately, I've gotten into distressing picture frames and then experimenting with painting furniture.  I don't believe I am there yet but here are a few of my latest projects.

 My husband and I found this great little table where the leaves come completely down and go up very easily.
 I've also found a fun new Gallery and when jurying in my work, the owner suggested I add a figure to the porch.  I readily agreed.  Now I could title this "Boo Radley's Place".

5 X 7
A small sketch from Haiku

I am going to branch out again and start working with a silversmith.   She's my next door neighbor.  As we produce our new jewelry line, we will also be blogging the adventures of our whacky pets and what happened, quite by accident (our Lord does not make mistakes, though) when our animals crossed the boundary lines into each others "space".