Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Medium, Bas Relief

Gorgeous skies

glowing deeper,
then shades of indigo taking over

Playing around in the garden one day I was compelled to paint my Traveler's Palm.  I liked the design I had captured and at the same time I had become interested in frescoes and plaster molds. After reading on all the different techniques I could use I decided to go with bas relief.  I'm excited to show my work in progress, I'm not finished yet.

My latest passion has been birds with the plants.  I try to work with photos of the birds that I am able to capture, though I have used a few birds of the islands that are extinct.  I've been challenged with collecting the reference photos, as well as the know how of this new medium.  Perhaps, one day, I'll be able to have a show and hang the watercolor model side by side with the relief.  I welcome any tips and how to's on my new adventure.   These are both 14 X 11

Aloha Ral

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