Monday, December 23, 2013

December on Maui

How did I do capturing the symmetry of this row of Travelers palm with a few blooms of red ginger in front?
I must go back one day to get a shot in full light.
I also need to prune my own Traveler Palm.
 The resort had a Gingerbread house contest, I love this Chinese Pagoda

 Last Wednesday's plein air.  I arrived just after the rain cleared but gave up after an hour due to the drastic light change.  I might be able to work on it in the studio next week.
 A cute old Chapel up at Kapalua
 This morning I awoke before the sun with a nice hard rain.

Almost every evening I see egrets migrating north for the night, this morning I saw them traveling south.  I wonder what they are after?

The bird photo wasn't as good as real life and this rainbow was far more spectacular as well.  You'll just have to come to Hawaii and see for yourselves.

10 X 8
Kokio kea

Tropical Bloom
10 X 8

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