Thursday, February 16, 2012

Waianapanapa plein aire group 2010

 Continuing on the subject of cropped paintings, I'd like to do a poll: should I; 1. keep the original (whole pic) format or 2. crop into a dipytch (two)?  I don't know why when you buy watercolor in blocks, it is not cut to standard size!  This size is 10 X 14, so either way custom mats will have to be cut.

'Wainanapanapa Sunrise'
I painted this from the deck of cabin 5 at Wainanapnapa with the plein aire group 2010.  What a spectacular morning this was.  What a wonderful time we had!

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  1. What a beautiful painting Ral. I don't know, I am torn, I really love it as one but as two they not only make one painting but two interesting paintings. I know I am no help. :)