Saturday, April 21, 2012


The Jacaranda's are blooming Upcountry, I haven't painted any plein aire yet this year, 
 but did this small one to warm up in my studio.  I hope to get Upcountry painting next week:)

Sean and his family, good friends and
owners of Cold Stone, Lahaina

Painting watercolor pictures is my passion, painting furniture and walls, etc. is a  DIY necessity.  We hosted Thanksgiving this year, and had 17 people in our very small cottage.   3 of those were young kids.  I love my six and a half foot glass table but knew it was not practical with the small children.  Not to mention how much room it took up in our living area.  Sure enough the 2 year old bumped his head twice, Thank you Lord, it wasn't on his face or to hard of a bump.  Right after Christmas we moved everything into the studio and bedroom and redid the ceiling as well as painted.  It was much needed and knowing someday we are going to have Grandkids running around we left the glass table in the studio.  We found this used drop leaf table.  I went on line and found  "How to repaint wood furniture", I sanded and primed and painted.  

"Oh dear, that orange will never do!"  So repainted the same color as walls and this is what it looks like today.  I still need new seat covers and one more chair but we are well on our way.  Now come on Grandbaby, where are you?

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